Company Policies

Insider Trading Policy

The Company observes strict compliance with the Exchange’s Trading Rules and Restrictions, emphasizing the need for transparency and fairness in its transactions in order to fully apprise its investors of its current activities The Company is guided by, observes and complies with provisions of the Securities Regulation Code (RA Act No. 8799) with regards to the Prohibition on Fraud, Manipulation and Insider Trading.

The Company complies with the provisions of law set forth in the Securities Regulations Code and shall implement policies and procedures to prevent the unauthorized disclosure or misuse of material, non-public information in securities trading to preserve the reputation and integrity of the Company.

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Related Party Transactions

Describe the company’s policies and procedures for the review, approval or ratification, monitoring and recording of related party transactions between and among the company and its parent, joint ventures, subsidiaries, associates, affiliates, substantial stockholders, officers and directors, including their spouses, children and dependent siblings and parents and of interlocking director relationships of members of the board.

Related Party TransactionsPolicies and Procedures
1. Parent CompanyThe Company applies the "arm's-length principle" in transactions entered into with the Parent Company.
2. Joint VenturesTreated as arm's-length transaction
3. SubsidiariesTreated as arm's-length transaction
4. Entities Under Common ControlTreated as arm's-length transaction
5. Substantial StockholdersTreated as arm's-length transaction
6. Officers including spouse/children/siblings/parentsTreated as arm's-length transaction
7. Directors including spouse/children/siblings/parentsTreated as arm's-length transaction
8. Interlocking director relationships of Board of DirectorsThe Company, adopts by law, the rules pertaining to interlocking directors, as follows:

a) If the interests of the interlocking director in the corporations are both substantial (stockholdings exceed 20% of capital stock)
General Rule: A contract between two or more corporations having interlocking directors shall not be invalidated on that ground alone. Exception: If the contract is fraudulent or not fair and reasonable.

b) If the interest of the interlocking director in one of the corporations is nominal while substantial in the other (stockholdings 20% or more), the contract shall be valid provided the following conditions are present:

1. The presence of such director in the board meeting in which the contract was approved was not necessary to constitute a quorum for such meeting;
2. That the vote of such director was not necessary for the approval of the contract;
3. That the contract is fair and reasonable under the circumstances.

Where (1) and (2) are absent, the contract can be ratified by the vote of the stockholders representing at least 2/3 of the outstanding capital stock or by the vote of the stockholders representing at least 2/3 of the members in the meeting called for the purpose. Provided that:

1. Full disclosure of the adverse interest of the directors/trustees involved is made on such meeting;
2. The contract is fair and reasonable under the circumstances.

Policy and Data Relating to Health, Safety, and Welfare of Employees, Including Company-Sponsored Trainings

Health, Safety, and Welfare Policy

The company abides by safety, health, and welfare standards and policies set by the Department of Labor and Employment. Likewise, the Company has Security and Welfare Manuals that are implemented and regularly reviewed to ensure the security, safety, health, and welfare of the employees in the workplace.

Health, Safety, and Welfare Data

To ensure that the employees of the Company maintain a healthy balance between work and life, health and wellness programs are organized for these employees. Professionals are invited to conduct classes of Zumba, Tai Chi, and other activities in our work site. The Company has also partnered with fitness gyms to offer special membership rates to employees. This is in addition to the free use of gym facilities in the different installations.

Year on year, the Company has facilitated vaccinations such as against flu and cervical cancer that are offered not only to employees but to their dependents as well. The Company has worked with healthcare providers in identifying top diseases based on utilization report and has invited resource speakers to talk about preventive measures.

To ensure the safety of the Company’s employees, a Corporate Emergency Response Team (CERT) has been created that will be activated and will become the “command center”, orchestrating initiatives across the conglomerate during a crisis. Also, the CERT shall be responsible for the periodic review of contingency plans and the institution’s emergency preparedness and response procedures to ensure that effective responses and responsible policies are in place to deal with crisis or emergency situations.