Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

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Rules and Regulations on Conduct

All employees must observe proper conduct and courtesy. Any employee who commits any offenses in the Rules of Conduct may be disciplined in accordance with the penalties stipulated in the Disciplinary Action Policy.

Employee Welfare and Health

The Management of OPMC is after the welfare of its employees. Therefore, all regular employees of OPMC are entitled to the following benefits:

Company HealthCard for medical/dental and confinement package.
Retirement Plan, upon retirement of an employee with at least ten (10) years of continuous service or depending upon his length of service with the Company he is entitled to a gratuity plan embodied in the Retirement Package.

Conflict of Interest Policy

OPMC Employees are bound to respect and obey the Rules and Regulations of the Company. Employees in all levels, shall not use their positions or power for personal benefit or convenience. Anyone found violating these rules will be subject to disciplinary action.

Disciplinary Action

An employee found violating the Company Rules and Regulations will be disciplined in accordance with the Code of Business Conduct.

Whistle Blowing Policy

Every employee of OPMC is expected to act with proper conduct and behavior. Any employee who is suspected of violating the Company Policies may bring his concerns to his/her Department Head for proper action.

Any employee may discuss or disclose in writing any concern on potential violation of the Code of Business Conduct with the Conflicts of Interest Committee. Reports or disclosures can be made in writing or by email using the following contact details:


Fax: +63.2 395 2890

Mailing Address:
JG Summit Holdings, Inc.
44th Flr. Robinsons Equitable Tower
ADB Avenue, Cor., Poveda Road, Pasig City

Must be sent in a sealed envelope clearly marked “Strictly Private and Confidential-To Be Opened by Addressee Only”

The complaint shall be filed using the Complaint/Disclosure Form (CDF).

Download: Complaint Disclosure Form

All information received in connection with the reports or disclosures shall be strictly confidential and shall not be disclosed to any person without prior consent of CICOM.